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Adil hakim

D.O.B: 17.03.1991
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: brown
Current Occupation: Terrorist
First Seen: Standstill
Books Appeared In: Standstill
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Thin, wiry. Adil was never the physical one of the family. In fact, his frame was almost like a pipe cleaner. There was a certain malnourished look about him — a look that meant he didn’t look well. However, in recent years leading up to the 01/08 attack, he put more weight on. He trained a little bit harder. Ate more food. All the necessary measures in order to bring the city to its knees. 

His nose was big, and his skin greasy. He had a permanent scar on the top right of his left eyebrow, and a dark, demonic look in his eyes — the result of years of anguish and pain and hurt and contempt. 


Adil Hakim — the name is synonymous with technological warfare and technological terrorism. The man is a genius. As a child he was always fascinated with computer technology — in particular, the internet. Living in a poor home, he and Moshat never had the luxury of owning a computer. They had a small Nintendo between the two of them that they could use, but that was as far as it went. However, at school, Adil oft spent his time using their computers, hiding in the library, hacking into the network. The majority of the time, he succeeded. Then he studied IT for GCSE. Adil was always bright, no matter the topic — but computing was his strongest subject. During his teenage years, Adil was heavily bullied. It disrupted his experience from enjoying school. And the only reason he enjoyed school was because he was able to use their computing systems. 

Once he was old — and able — enough, he hacked into the school’s network and altered his attendance. He gave himself 100% when, in reality, it was more like 75%. The teachers found out, but had no idea how he had done it. And then one day, when he was trying to do it for a friend of his, a teacher caught them and together they got busted. Somehow, though, and perhaps rather unsurprisingly, Adil was the only one who was punished; his “friend” managed to get off scot-free. 

After the death of his parents, Adil and Moshat were adopted by a stranger. There, the stranger learned of Adil’s ability to hack into things. Subsequently, Adil was placed under more strenuous tasks: hacking into local cafe networks, then libraries, train stations. Intrigued, their saviour sent him away to the Amazon Rainforest, where Adil learnt everything he could about hacking, technological warfare, and the like. Once they had returned, and under the guise of trying to live a “normal” life, Adil went to university. Cambridge. His degree: computer sciences. Not to anyone’s surprise, Adil excelled. In fact, he surpassed the entire course and the rest of his classmates in his second year. And by the time he got to his final year, he left. 

The only reason being the fact that he and Moshat were preparing themselves for their attack, so he needed time to prepare the necessary equipment. By the age of 25, Adil was able to create a person out of thin air, falsify multiple documents, create an EMP device unlike the world had ever seen, and hack into every communications system in an entire city. 


Another of Adil’s likes is classical music. He used to listen to it while he was hacking into a system or CCTV feed. It helped him relax, block out the world, physically imagine what he was doing. One of his favourite songs is Adagio For Strings.

Adil likes computers and logic. As a child, Adil enjoyed chess. There was a logical, strategical, clinical nature to it. That every move had to be carefully calculated, and for every move there needed to be a reaction to it — a counter-move. That was how he won so many games online against AI systems and other players from around the world.


Moshat bought him a record player for his birthday one year, and he cherished it with his heart. He even took it with him when they went to the Amazon rainforest. 

One of Adil’s biggest dislikes is politics. In particular, politicians. You could even stretch as far to say that Adil has a dislike towards people in general. 

Favourite food: Tuna and mayo sandwich
Favourite drink: water
Favourite book: Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline
Favourite film: Shawshank Redemption


What was his most embarrassing moment? In the middle of the Amazon rainforest, with the other recruits, we were on an operation where we were staking out a pretend enemy. It was dark, and it was raining. I got split up from the rest of my squadron. And I quickly became disorientated. I was new, fresh. I had no idea what I was doing, and I was on my own for fourteen hours. I didn’t sleep, and I kept walking. It was a miracle they managed to find me in the end. As it turned out, they put a tracker in me, watched my movements, and then when I stopped moving, that was when they came to rescue me. 


What’s his greatest strength? Is it really necessary to explain that here?


What’s his greatest flaw? I don’t consider it a flaw if there are none. Perhaps the fact that I loved someone I shouldn’t have for so long…


Proudest achievement? Creating devices that are capable of bringing an entire city a halt. 


Biggest secret… You’ll have to torture me to get that out of me. 


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