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Trois meurtres brutaux.
Une fille enlevée.
arme de meurtre.

Lorsqu'un voisin découvre les cadavres d'une famille aisée dans leur maison du nord de Londres, le détective Jake Tanner, homicide expérimenté, est appelé à participer à l'enquête.


En l'absence de suspects et d'arme du crime, Jake et Ashley Rivers, la dernière recrue de CID, doivent travailler ensemble pour attraper le meurtrier.


La dynamique de l'affaire change quand ils apprennent que la fille aînée a été kidnappée. Et s'ils veulent la récupérer, il y a des frais à payer.


Avec la fille disparue rappelant constamment sa propre fille, Jake met son ego de côté et met tout en œuvre pour la sauver - y compris sa carrière.


Avec le temps qui passe et la pression exercée par son patron pour réussir, l'affaire risque d'être la dernière pour Jake ...

Ce que les gens disent de la trahison ...

"Le lecteur reste captivé ... Des personnages fascinants et une histoire captivante ... Un roman exceptionnel divertira et ravira les fans de thrillers, de suspense et de mystères de meurtres." - Readers' Favourite

"Plein de rebondissements de la première page!" - Amazon Review

"Intriguant, bien écrit et plein de surprises." - Amazon Review

"Vous ne serez pas déçu si vous achetez ce livre!" - Amazon Review


The atmosphere inside the office buzzed. General chatter filled the room, competing with the sound of typing and the monotonous hum of computer monitors. Jake Tanner was perusing through his inbox, avoiding his menial tasks for the day. Admin. The one part of the job he hated. The one part of the job he tried to put off for as long as possible. But it needed to be done; there were mouths to feed and bills to pay.


Jake was a Detective Constable in the Criminal Investigation Department of the London Metropolitan Police, and he absolutely loved his job. Protecting people from criminals. Catching them and removing them from the streets. It was his duty, and he had a real passion for it. He was devoted — much more than could be said for some of his colleagues.


Jake looked up from his screen. Ashley Rivers, one of the most recent additions to the department, walked towards him.


‘Morning,’ she said, placing her fingertips on the edge of his desk. ‘Darryl wants to know if you’ve got a case report for him? I don’t know which one he’s on about, but he said you’d know.’


Jake relaxed. The one pressing and most important task sat at the top of his To-Do List was completed. He fished through a pile of documents and passed Ashley a brown folder. ‘Finished it last night,’ he told her.


‘Well aren’t you just a superstar for doing what you’re paid to do.’ Ashley smiled sarcastically as she snatched the folder from Jake.


He watched her leave. Her long, flowing brown hair tied in a ponytail. Her blazer wrapped tightly around her body. Her walk that suggested she knew how to take control of herself in any situation.


After she rounded the corner, Jake returned his attention to his emails.


His phone vibrated on his desk. An image of Elizabeth, his wife, appeared on the screen. Her blue eyes and sun-kissed blonde hair stared back at him.


‘Hi, Honey,’ Jake said, answering the call.


‘Hey, Jakey. How’s work?’ Elizabeth said, her voice delicate and soft. Her sweet tones brought a smile to his face. He was just as infatuated with her now as he was when they first met at university ten years ago.


‘Not too bad, just doing the boring parts that nobody wants to do.’ Jake hesitated. ‘Is something wrong?’


‘No, no.’ She paused. ‘Well, yes. Maisie’s been sent home from school for bullying someone in her class. I’ve brought her back, and she’s in her room at the moment. But I thought I’d let you know before you get home, so you can come up with a suitable punishment.’ Maisie was their eldest daughter and their first “little miracle”. For reasons unknown to medical professionals, Elizabeth was neither able to conceive nor carry a child, and when they found out she was pregnant, Jake — and the doctors — were overjoyed. Nine months later, Maisie, was born.


‘Seems out of character for her. What did she do?’ Jake asked.


‘Apparently, she’s been calling a girl names. I don’t know the full story — she wouldn’t tell me — but it appears they got into a fight this morning. She’s got a bruise on her lip.’


‘What about the other girl? Did she get sent home, too?’


‘Yes, she was worse off than Mais.’


That’s my girl, Jake thought. He’d always taught his girls never to get into fights, but if such an occasion arose, then they should always throw the hardest punch. No matter the size difference. Ellie, his youngest daughter, and their second “little miracle”, had made certain to test the theory out on Maisie when they were growing up. Two years separated them, but Ellie was always the more boisterous of the two, as she regularly bested her sister in play fights.


Before Jake could respond, the office door slammed open. DCI Darryl Hughes, Jake’s manager, entered the room. In his hands he held his mobile phone, and two large folders, the contents of which Jake assumed to be his own handiwork.


‘Listen, Liz — I’ve got to go. Darryl’s just walked in. I don’t think I’ll be coming home on time tonight. Could be a big one. I’ll keep you updated, though.’


‘OK. Be safe.’


‘I will. I’ll deal with Maisie later, and I’ll think of some form of punishment.’


‘Good. Now, go and save the day my superhero. Don’t get yourself killed.’


Jake told her he loved her and hung up the phone just as Darryl spoke to the office.


‘Morning, team,’ he began, standing at the head of the room. Everyone stopped and sat to attention. ‘Reports are coming in of a triple homicide in the north London area. I’ll be the SIO. Rivers, Tanner — I want you both to come with me. Carmichael, Dennan — I want you to set up shop in Incident Room 42.’


SIO stood for Senior Investigating Officer and meant that Darryl would oversee the entire investigation. Whatever Darryl says goes, and that was something Jake could never fully get to grips with, despite the numerous amount of cases he had worked on since his tenure with CID over six years ago. He always thought to himself, what if the SIO was wrong? What if they had overlooked a vital piece of information, but Jake hadn’t? What if he wanted to follow a lead he knew would be the right one, but wasn’t allowed because someone else’s ego got in the way? It had happened before, and he didn’t doubt for a second it wouldn’t happen again.


‘Is that going to be enough of us, Sir?’ Ashley asked, already on her feet.


‘It’s all we can afford to use. We’re stretched as it is. I’ll send you both the address and I’ll meet you there. You only need one car, so decide amongst yourselves who’s driving,’ Darryl said before leaving the room.


Jake looked to Ashley, who returned his gaze. She advanced towards him.


‘Looks like it’s our first time together, Jake. Don’t look too scared — I don’t bite. If you need me for support, then just let me know.’


‘Is that emotional, physical, or mental?’

Ashley didn’t respond; she shot him an evil glare that told him to stop at once. It was their first time working together, and Jake was excited. Not because of Ashley, but because it meant that he could get away from his administrative responsibilities.


‘I’m driving,’ Ashley said, picking up her keys. ‘Shotgun.’


‘Aren’t I supposed to say that?’


‘Only if you want me to run you over.’


Jake was beginning to like Ashley’s fierce side; it meant she was easy to annoy and wind up. Someone he could have banter with was important.

Before departing the office, Jake grabbed his phone, wallet, and keys — his Holy Trinity. They headed downstairs to the underground car park at New Scotland Yard and jumped into Ashley’s BMW X5. The engine roared beneath Jake’s feet, and he wished he was the one behind the wheel, feeling the full force of the V8’s ferocity.


Both Jake and Ashley’s phones vibrated at the same time. It was the location of the crime scene. Ashley looked at it, memorised it, and turned to Jake. ‘Ready?’


Jake nodded, the adrenaline already surging through his body. ‘Ready.’


Ashley floored the accelerator and ripped out of the underground car park, the flashing blue lights and siren parting the traffic with ease.

Entretien avec l'auteur, Jack Probyn

Q -Peut-on comparer Jake Tanner à d’autres héros de thriller policier?

A - Vous savez, je ne dirais pas que Jake Tanner est l'un des héros de thriller policier actuellement. Il n’est pas comme le Jack Reachers ou le Alex Cross de ces mondes. Bien sûr, il a des caractéristiques similaires, mais Jake Tanner est très unique. Jake est un homme très fortement centré sur sa famille. Tout ce qu'il fait est fait pour eux. Mais cela ne signifie nullement qu’il est comme Alex Cross qui, lecteurs familiers avec l’étoile de James Patterson, saura que c’est une machine de combat maigre et méchante. Au lieu de cela, Jake Tanner est simplement un homme ordinaire. Celui que vous voyez tous les jours dans le train. C'est ce qui distingue le détective Jake Tanner.

Q - Qu'est-ce qui rend la série détective Jake Tanner spéciale?

A - Un mélange de choses, je dirais. Quand j'ai commencé à écrire la série, je voulais quelque chose qui ferait «Wow!» Aux lecteurs, quelque chose qui va les faire penser: «Et si ça m'arrivait jamais? Et si j'avais déjà vécu quelque chose comme ça? »Et j'ai donc reflété la série de Jake Tanner sur quelque chose que j'aimerais avoir lu moi-même.

Gardant cela à l'esprit, je me suis assuré que la série de thrillers policiers de Jake Tanner contenait un peu de tout: des romans de procédures pour la police, des thrillers policiers, des thrillers terroristes, des kidnapping et même peut-être quelques thrillers tueurs en série. garder les choses intéressantes! Mais toutes comportent la grande question: «Et si… et si cela m’arrivait un jour?» Et, une fois que vous les aurez lues, vous ne ressentirez plus jamais la même chose à propos de certaines choses.

Q - Pourquoi les lecteurs devraient-ils essayer ce livre?

R - Parce qu'ils aiment l'action, les thrillers saisissants de crime / terreur / enlèvement qui ne s'arrêtent jamais jusqu'à la toute dernière page.

Parce qu'ils ne voient pas d'inconvénient à passer la majorité de leur temps à se plonger dans ces romans et à attendre avec impatience la prochaine page ou le prochain livre. Parce qu’ils sont des lecteurs avides qui adorent les rebondissements, similaires à ceux que nous recevons dans la vie.

Merci et bonne lecture!


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