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erica haversham

D.O.B: 05.09.1998
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 144lbs
Hair Colour: blonde
Eye Colour: blue
Current Occupation: student, sixth form
Books Appeared In: An Unlikely Betrayal
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Exceptionally pretty. She is tall, skinny, and her eyes are like the colour of the ocean. Her hair is usually in a ponytail most of the time because she is too lazy to put it down, curl it, or straighten it. Erica is pretty without the use of too much make-up. It's mostly natural. Generally, when she speaks to family members and friends, they argue she looks more like her mum than anyone else. Even Rupert Haversham, her dad, agreed. In reality, they look nothing alike. But if there were ever a doubt or a fear that crept into anyone's mind and suggested Erica was not Rupert’s offspring, that would be put to bed as soon as she opens her mouth. She has an attitude about her. An air of arrogance that suggests she knows what she wants, and she doesn't care how she gets it — so long as she does. In school, Erica is one of the most popular girls. It helps that she has loads of money to buy their friendship with, however, her closest friends have been with her since birth, save for a few weeks/months. 

Erica’s fashion sense is very current, but also very high-end. She needs to have the latest and greatest because it makes her look good, and it also makes her feel good, regardless of price. 


Despite being a spoilt child, and milking her dad for everything he has (which she is fully aware she is doing), Erica’s family life isn't all it seems to be. She's not happy at home. And that's because she doesn't trust her dad, nor her mum — they both lie to her, but most importantly they don't approve of Dylan.

Dylan is five years old than Erica. He's involved with drugs, and he also produces his own music. From the moment they saw him, they disliked him. No matter how much Erica has tried, she hasn't been able to change their opinions of him. 

Since her dad became a big shot lawyer, she has had to move schools multiple times in her local area, because some of the convicted criminals’ families or friends search for Rupert Haversham’s family. So her life is in danger, and she needs to keep herself safe at all times. 


Not being able to get what she wants. The bank of mum and dad — but mostly dad — funds everything she does. And she hates when she can't get something. That's just her being a spoiled brat.

The other thing she dislikes is her dad. He's rude, arrogant, and he ignores her. Most of the time, she only sees her dad when he gives her money to buy things. And now that mobile banking has come into existence, it means she sees him less and less. It doesn't bother her so much — it's rather little Felicity that it is having a bigger, more profound effect on. She loves her sister, more than anything, and doesn't want anyone or anything to make her upset. 

One thing, on the other hand, Erica likes, is clothes and music. She has a dream of one day becoming an influential fashion designer. She has a passion for art and creativity, and she likes to draw clothes in her spare time. That is, when she isn't seeing Dylan. Although, in recent months, ever since they'd been seeing one another, she had let her drawings fall on the wayside.  

Favourite food: McDonald’s with her friends on the high street or in the shopping centre 
Favourite drink: sparkling water 
Favourite book: Of Mice And Men — only because she had to read it for school, and she's not read anything since
Favourite film: Mean Girls


What was her most embarrassing moment? I don't know really. I can't think of anything. I don't really have any embarrassing moments.


What’s her greatest strength? Knowing how to manipulate people to give me what I want. In school, I can flirt with the teachers to get good grades. And most of the time it works. With mum and dad, I can batter my eyelids to get what I want. With mostly everyone. 


What’s her greatest flaw? Trusting people, and believing in them too much. 


Proudest achievement? I won the school fashion show last year. We had to produce three designs each, and then we’d make them in class. Mine won all three awards. It clearly means I'm on the right track to doing the right thing in life. 


Biggest secret… you'll find out soon enough. 


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