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moshat hakim

D.O.B: 04.12.1993
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 175lbs
Hair Colour: balding
Eye Colour: brown
Current Occupation: Terrorist
First Seen: Standstill
Books Appeared In: Standstill, Floor 68
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Moshat Hakim is a well-built individual. He is average height, but his body is toned. He spent his childhood training and playing football for West Ham's youth team, and he never stopped preparing. When he's not planning terror attacks with his brother, he spends his time working out — his legs are as wide as his head, and he can sprint 100 metres in 12 seconds. 

When he was a teenager, he started to lose his hair. It was a medical condition that the other kids in his school used to take the Mick out of him for. But there was nothing he could do about it. And he soon forgot to care. He was already popular enough for it not to damage his reputation too much. If anything, it gave him more notoriety. But it didn't stop him being self-conscious about it as he grew up, because he soon learned that young adults and university students weren't so kind about it. 


Moshat Hakim and his brother Adil grew up in the east London. They were inseparable as children, and they were only separated by three years at birth. Their home — if they could call it that — was a dingy flat in a council estate. There were four of them living there, but it was barely large enough for two. It had been neglected in recent years, and thanks to the area they grew up in, it was made far worse. 

Moshat’s career with West Ham youth team started when he was playing in a local school match. There was a scout who worked at West Ham, spotted Moshat's talent, and decided to scout him. It took him no time at all to accept the scholarship. He played as a winger, predominantly on the right-hand side, and excelled. He was fast, good on the ball, and capable of crossing accurately. The only problem was, there were other boys who were better than him, and they were outperforming him. Moshat was good, but he wasn't that good. So he sabotaged them. He tackled them so badly they broke their legs, and never played football again. He tackled them so badly they were never able to set foot on a pitch again. And it worked. He made his way up through the ranks. 


Then everything changed. 

It was a school day. The kids that had been bullying Adil organised a fight after school had finished, outside the playground and into a secluded area. Moshat joined the fight. They won, but on their way back home to celebrate, they returned to a burning building. Their home — their parents — perished in the blaze, and their remains were never found. 

After that, Moshat and Adil became tighter as a unit. They were left homeless, with no other relatives who could house them. And the worst thing was, the government did nothing about it. They were given no compensation, no sheltering, no amenities. Nothing. 

And then they were picked up by a stranger. A man they soon began to call Dad. That's when their opinions on the world altered. They were recruited, radicalised, and their hate for the world — and the government that betrayed them — festered. After spending a few months with their saviour, they were sent to the Amazon rainforest, to an underground terrorist network, where they were trained in weapons, technology, and how to make bombs. It was there that Moshat and Adil divided. Moshat was the sharpshooter, the one more comfortable with a gun in his hands and someone’s throat in his arms. Whereas Adil was the technologically advanced one — learning the ins and outs bomb-making, cyber security and hacking. Together they became the perfect team. 

When they returned to the UK, they descended back into normal life, still with no sign of compensation coming their way from the government. 

Together they planned their attack on London. Moshat pretended to have a degree in engineering, and managed to get himself a job within the Heathrow Express engineering team. 

The rest… you know. 


Moshat enjoys guns and physical, hand-to-hand combat. He enjoys beating people to a pulp. He enjoys making sure they never get up again. He enjoys watching them beg for him to stop. He enjoys watching them suffer. His favourite weapon is a sniper, because it's lethal and personal. One bullet. Him and the target. Just the two of them. 

Aside from killing people, Moshat enjoys reading historical fiction. There are many ancient figures that he marvels at, and he would love nothing more than to go back and meet one of them. At least it would have been a better time than now. 

Favourite food: spaghetti bolognese
Favourite drink: JD and Coke
Favourite book: what are books?
Favourite film: Shooter


What was his most embarrassing moment? In school one time, I was chatting with this girl. We were in year 11, and she was one of the best looking girls in the school. We went to a house party, I tried to get with her but she mugged me off and slept with another guy that was one of my best friends. 


What’s his greatest strength? Killing people. Making them suffer when I strangle them. Krav Maga has never been out to better use. 


What’s his greatest flaw? I have none. I'm thick, but I know what I'm doing when it comes to it. 


Proudest achievement? Bringing London to its knees. 


Biggest secret… Being responsible for a loss I'll never be able to forgive myself for. I'll never smoke again so long as I live. 


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