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D.O.B: 04.09.1962
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 220lbs
Hair Colour: white/silver
Eye Colour: brown
Current Occupation: Detective Chief Superintendent, SO15
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Overweight — borderline obese — Mamadou doesn't take anything from anyone. He's a wide-shouldered man — one who can just about fit into a door when he enters a room. The majority of his upper body mass is muscle, but when it gets to his stomach, it's a whole different matter. The stresses of the job, and his personal circumstances, have meant that he doesn't have the time to make decent meals at home, and instead lives on takeaway. His favourite: Chinese. 

Mamadou is known around the office most for his personality. His immense propensity to snap at the smallest of things that might piss him off. He's got a temper on him, and whenever anyone sees the deep vein throbbing on his forehead, everyone in the office knows it's about to kick-off. His voice is loud and deep and authoritative, so that everyone in a room knows he’s the one speaking, even when he's talking quietly. It's safe to say that those around him know to shut up when told to. 

The only time Mamadou is ever civil, and happy to have a laugh and joke, is with people he likes and trusts. Becoming one of those people, in the first place, is difficult. It takes a lot. Mamadou is very particular about whom he likes, and he makes it known that he doesn't like someone. He has a constant resting bitch face which demonstrates his dissatisfaction with almost anyone and everything. 


Mamadou’s childhood was a rough one. His dad used to beat him, stump out his cigarettes on his arm. And then he left when he was a toddler. That just left Mamadou and his mum, alone, together in the world. Mamadou’s mum was his rock, and when she died on the same day as the 01/08 attacks, he broke down. Of course, his rugged exterior and extreme countenance was all a con. Deep down he was hurting, and he didn't want anyone to know about it. Following the attack, he took one day off; he knew that sitting around at home would make him think about it, and that keeping himself busy would be for the best. He was dealing with the grief in his own way, and the only person he allowed into his thoughts and concerns was his therapist. 

After finishing school, Mamadou studied at the University of Oxford. He studied criminology and sociology, as part of a special grant. During University, he realised it was all a big mistake and a waste of time. Two months after university, Mamadou joined the Met. 

During his career in the Metropolitan Police Service — which started when he was 22 — he has held almost every role possible. He started at the bottom of the food chain and made his way up. He is, however, content with his current position. He's seen what moving further up the ladder does to a person — and he doesn't want that. His first role within the MPS was with the special victims unit. Prior to that, he served as a police Constable — a bobby on the beat — in his local area of Hammersmith. 

He's thoroughly enjoyed his career in the MPS, even though there have been ups and downs. There are many things he’d do differently, but he wouldn't change his career path at all.  


Mamadou seldom likes anything. He lives in a one bedroom in central London, alone, with his cat. He loves cats. They offer him a sense of solace and companionship, ever since his wife, Lori, left him. She had a raging drug habit that had once laid dormant, but with the help of someone close to Mamadou, has resurfaced. His cat reminds him of Lori. And even then, the cat isn't around that often. While he respects their independence, it wouldn't hurt it to spend some time with him. 

Mamadou dislikes most people. And he despises criminals. In particular, terrorists. That's why he signed up to become part of Counter Terrorism Command. He joined CTC following the 7/7 bombings, where there was a massive influx of new recruits. He started off as a DS, and then found himself promoted to DCS in 2010. 

Favourite food: Chinese
Favourite drink: Coffee
Favourite book: The Art Of War
Favourite film: 12 Angry Men (because he is every angry man in that film)


What was his most embarrassing moment? I'm fairly sure the most embarrassing moment of my life came from an award ceremony. I was one of the finalists to receive one, but when they called the name out, they got it wrong. I walked up to collect the trophy, but then had to sit down because it wasn't me.  


What’s his greatest strength? Getting people to do what I want them to. Some say it's bullying — I just think I know how people behave, and how to make them behave. 


What’s his greatest flaw? Caring too much about the people I do care about. If I don't like someone, they'll know about it. But when I do find someone I like — which doesn't happen frequently — I give them everything I have. I struggle to stop loving them and caring for them. Sometimes it pushes them away, but I'm happy I've given them everything I can. 


Proudest achievement? Reaching DCS. Nobody can take that away from. I've worked my arse off to get from the bottom to the top. 


Biggest secret… you'll have to pay me to tell you what it is. 


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