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JAKE tanner

D.O.B: 28.03.1985
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: brown
Current Occupation: Detective Constable, SO15
First Seen: The Red Viper

Built almost as wide as a door, Jake Tanner commands a presence when he walks into a room. His back and shoulders are broad, but underneath a baggy T-shift lies the onset of a beer belly. Unlike your jacked-up bodybuilders, his body is natural, but his love for fast food and a cold drink either at the end of a long day or on a stakeout won't stop him. He's also found the woman of his dreams, so why does he need to try hard to find someone to replace her? 

When he's not smiling at one of Tyler's jokes, Jake’s face is usually resting. In other words, scowling, looking at people with a little contempt, not trusting anyone. He also has a fiery side to him as well — he’s ready to step on a few toes and upset people when it comes to saving lives from a terrorist attack. Especially if his family are involved in one. He doesn't think the illusion of rank should inhibit an investigation.


At work he wears a suit. He likes the way it feels against his body, but sometimes -- especially during the summer -- he wishes he could wear a T-shirt. If he could, then he's most likely wear something from Topman, nice and simple. Outside of work, his dress sense is relaxed -- occasionally he will wear a checked shirt if they're going out for a meal as a family. 


In the south of London, Jake was born into the Tanner family as the middle child. His sister, Laura, is four years older, and his brother, Alex, is three years younger. Jake’s mother, Alison, was a teacher, and their father, Brian, was a physiotherapist for a Premier League football team. Growing up, Jake was always active at school. He was studious, hard-working. He would always complete his work on time, and sometimes he would go above and beyond and stay behind school to help the teachers out with anything they needed. It was one of the reasons he excelled in his examinations — more than could be said for Laura and Alex. 


Because his father was a physiotherapist for a top club, Jake had always had an interest in football, even if it was forced upon him. But then something changed his opinion on it completely. One time, after a game with his local football team, Jake waited for his dad to pick him up. But he never came. On the way, his dad had been involved in a car accident and died. The damage was irrevocable, and Jake never played — nor touched — a ball again. He never even watched a televised game. That event in his life sparked his passion for driving — he wanted to make it a commemoration for his father, and Jake has since become an advocate for sensible driving and imposing harsher driving laws. 


College was the same as high school for Jake. His friendship group stuck together and they spent the majority of their time working hard during their free periods, and they allowed themselves brief moments to mess about and doss. When the time came for them all to depart to different universities, Jake was excited at the prospect of meeting new and interesting individuals. 

One of them was Elizabeth. 


Elizabeth was Jake’s first ever long-term — and only — girlfriend. They met at university, in a cafe near campus. He was studying with his headphones on, computer in front of him, coffee on the side, when Elizabeth prodded him on the shoulder and asked him to stop tapping along to the beat of his music, right before she asked if she could borrow a highlighter. They got talking, learned things about one another before agreeing to another date. And the rest went on from there.


In his spare time, Jake spends his time with his family: Ellie, Maisie, and his wife, Elizabeth. When he gets the time. Because the nature of his work demands so much of his time, he seldom sees his family as much as he would like. Everyone understands, though -- he's making the world a safer place. But if he could, then he would spend all day everyday with them. They are the best thing in his life. When he does get a chance, however, he makes the most of it: they go out to the park, cinema, theme park, bowling. Even though money’s tight for them all, it doesn't stop Elizabeth and him giving their children the childhood they deserve. 


When Jake’s not at work nor with his family, he passes the time by watching the Formula 1 — or any other form of motorsports. He's always had a burning passion for driving, and he excelled at the emergency driving courses during his training. His vehicle of choice: motorcycle. Despite his poor sense of direction, he knows his way behind the wheel and dash. As a child, he used to frequent his local Go-Kart track with his brother and sister, and found himself regularly at the top spot, beating adults more than double his age. 



Favourite food: either a Chinese or curry; anything that's fast food.

Favourite drink: any sort of beer, except for Fosters

Favourite book: The Snowman, by Jo Nesbo 

Favourite film: Se7en


What was his most embarrassing moment? Arguably the most embarrassing moment was with the kids, when they walked in on Elizabeth and I... That was pretty humiliating, and they were at the age where they realised what we were up to.

What’s his greatest strength? Fighting for what I believe in. My job is to keep people safe, and if that's what I'm meant to do, then that's what I'm going to do. I won't let anyone stand in my way. 

What’s his greatest flaw? Failing to see what effect work is having on my family life. I hardly see them anymore, but I love what I do. If I could balance my time between work and the girls, I would. But saving lives and protecting my family from danger is my first priority -- especially when they've witnessed so much. I can't let them get hurt by anything. 


Proudest achievement? Providing support for my family. They're my entire world and I can't wait to watch my girls grow up into wonderful human beings. 


Biggest secret… if I tell you, my entire world will change. I'm not willing to risk that.


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