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What is ON THE CASE?

On The Case is a fun, interactive test of your detective skills. Each month you’ll be sent a quiz on “Whodunit." Perfect for fans of crime thrillers.


How Does ON THE CASE Work?

You’ll be presented with information on the victim(s), the suspects, any evidence found at the crime scene, and any other important information relevant to the case. On The Case will be available directly on the Facebook Messenger platform, and also here, at OnTheCaseCrime.wordpress.com

You become the detective.

You absorb the information.

You make the decision.


It’s just meant to be a bit of fun. And it’s free. There’s nothing for you to pay at all.


How Do I Get Involved?

You can enjoy On The Case on Facebook Messenger here: 

Below is a video on how it works, using On The Case #1 as an example.

If you want to enjoy On The Case online, you can experience the interaction below.


Where Do I Begin?


FAMILY AFFAIR: The family of a wealthy London barrister are murdered in their own home.

On The Case #2

XXX: The headteacher of a school is found dead in his office.

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