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 . . need to carry out such tasks again if you decide to migrate tax codes to a new Oracle ERP system." It is important for developers to know that at the time of this survey, 60% of companies were either in the migration phase or planning to migrate to a new ERP system. The remaining 40% were at the planning stage, most likely due to insufficient resources and time to accomplish the complete migration project. The reported lack of testing, documented procedures, and established development standards is quite worrying. Many developers will confirm their own observations. > "There are still many people in my company (an international software company) who work without properly documented procedures and testing, instead they rely on other people, which means there are too many unchecked and untested workflows. I am a developer and I have observed such an unprofessional development cycle many times in the past. It is a huge burden to test the newly introduced features and systems, because the whole code base has to be tested from the beginning. So we are still missing a lot of the 'clean' development processes, even if such processes are already in place." Given this statement, a lot of (unnecessary) test cases, complex development techniques, and flawed process models must be found. A huge opportunity for developers exists. At the same time, there are efforts to perform improvement actions. > "The steps needed to complete testing are always defined at the beginning, which means we never have a situation that has to be corrected. There are still many people who make changes to the source code without having appropriate procedures, which is the main problem we encounter. Another problem is that some developers treat their work as black boxes, without bothering to find out how they work." Another point of concern for developers is the lack of security in the development. Regarding the development standard, they stated: > "The processes and techniques that we use are not secure enough to apply them in the general development cycle. There is no single process that is always applied in our company. We cannot find a situation in which we are able to define a process in detail, check it, and run it." The support of the ERP developer community is considered by developers to be good. > "The support for the projects that we are involved in is very good. It is not just individual developers. They are often supporting not just ERP experts, but also development professionals, marketing experts, and, in some cases,




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