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theodor rosenberg

D.O.B: 11.11.1946
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 137lbs
Hair Colour: grey
Eye Colour: blue
Current Occupation: Retired
First Seen: Standstill
Books Appeared In: Standstill

A quiet, sweet, sensitive soul, Theodor is an easy man to get along with. He looks after everyone, and always puts them before himself. Sometimes, he puts other things before himself. One of these being hygiene. A particular smell of body odour always follows him wherever he goes — his clothes are seldom washed, and they’re always dirty because they’re covered in oil and grease and dirt. Because Theodor spends so much time with trains, he sees little point in washing them frequently and maintaining a relatively high level of hygiene. 

He’s small — which he’s always used to his advantage because it means he can fit into small places. Although, when he was younger, old friends and colleagues would try to fit him into narrow spaces to see if he could escape. The majority of the time, he could. Theodor’s hair is silver, thin, and wavy. He has it slicked off his forehead with the use of a comb. 


Theodor became a dad at a young age, in his early twenties. He had graduated from university — studying physics and mechanical engineering. An engineer by trade, and a train fanatic by nature, he landed himself a job as a carriage cleaner. He started at the bottom of the food chain and worked his way up to the top. By the end of his career, Theodor had worked in every conceivable department within the train industry. His favourite role: train driver. 

 His career life was a success. His personal life, however, not so much. He and his ex-wife got married very young, and had a child even younger. It didn’t work out. Theodor was always away from home for such long periods of time, his wife got jealous, and the marriage fell apart. She wasn’t able to cope without him, nor look after their daughter on her own. That doesn’t stop Theodor seeing his daughter. But over recent years they’ve drifted apart. She’s grown up and started a family on her own, and now Theodor has no one. Except for his trains, which he can’t seem to stay away from. He's retired but still helps out part-time at local manufacturing companies and in the head office of various rail networks. 


Trains. They were Theodor’s passion throughout his entire career — and they still are. He grew up playing with little toy trains, which then developed into model trains, into live-action model sets taking up his family’s entire garage. He read the manuals on how to build and fix various train engines — everything from steam to electric. He applied the knowledge he learned from the books with his dad’s car, and then motorbike. There wasn’t anything with an engine he couldn’t repair. Every weekend, he would often spend time at his local station where he would watch the trains go past, learn how they operated in real life. He even managed to get one of the drivers to take him up to the carriage and shovel coal with him. It was a health and safety issue, but nobody seemed to care — least of all Theodor. 

One of the things Theodor dislikes is cars, and other modes of transport. Because he is so infatuated with the trains operate, he seldom likes to travel any other way. He thinks they are far superior — and safer —than anything else. Except for walking. And the price. That’s another thing he doesn’t like about trains. In recent years, they’ve become too expensive for him and his family to travel on — even if he gets free rides for the rest of his life. 

Favourite food: bangers and mash
Favourite drink: coffee, black
Favourite book: any manual by Haynes
Favourite film: The Great Escape


What was his most embarrassing moment? I once got myself locked in the cockpit of a train. I had to wait a couple of hours to get back out because I’d left my keys outside. It was until one of the cleaners, who was doing their final clean for the night, heard me banging on the door, that I was rescued. 


What’s his greatest strength? Trains. Ask me anything, and I will tell you a correct answer for it. 


What’s his greatest flaw? Not being able to go back in time. If I could change anything about my life, I would have tried to be a better father. I should never have spent as much time as I did with trains, when I had a family waiting for me at home. I will live that regret for the rest of my life. 


Proudest achievement? Having a fantastic daughter who is as successful as she is intelligent as she is gorgeous. I couldn’t be more proud of her, after everything that’s happened between her mother and I. 


Biggest secret… I know Moshat Hakim. I knew him before he became a terrorist. 


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