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D.O.B: 09.03.1967
Height: 5'7'
Weight: 110lb
Hair Colour: brown/grey
Eye Colour: brown
Current Occupation: Director General, World Health Organisation
First Seen: Floor 68
Books Appeared In:Floor 68
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Marianne has olive skin. She was born in South Africa, and she’s been around the sunshine all her life. Her skin has developed a natural tan which many are jealous of — including some of her best friends. She’s small and thin. She’s vegetarian — a choice that was made for her from birth, but would have become her decision early on anyway — and she’s close to becoming vegan. She only eats produce from animals that has been ethically produced. She does not believe in the enslavement of animals, and that is one of the campaigns she donates to with her salary. 

Her hair is long and flowing. She seldom cuts it, and she seldom washes it with chemicals. Instead, she uses a paste that she’s used ever since she was a child. It was designed in Africa, and it’s worked perfectly. Marianne also uses a number of home remedies for her skin and nails. It helps keep her young. 

She’s in her early sixties and she looks good. She often gets mistaken for looking twenty years younger, and when people ask for her secret, she tells them that it’s nothing they’d expect and that they need to broaden their horizons. Most of the time they think she's being weird and talking crazy talk. 


The director general of the World Health Organisation, Marianne Evans has seen it all. South African by birth, and born and raised all over the planet, she was the daughter of successful philanthropists who travelled the world. Her parents were charity workers — and they made it their life’s mission to make the world a better place. Their energy and philosophy transferred to Marianne from a very early age. As soon as she could walk, she was learning about the differences in culture and languages. She learned to speak languages from each corner of the planet — mostly Asia, South America and Africa — and she can still speak them at a conversational level today. Although, she’s fallen out of favour with being a polyglot — she was too often required, and expected, to translate conversations for other people. Throughout her childhood, she never had many friends. Her times in each country/continent were fleeting and would only last a short amount of time, which didn’t provide her with the right tools and opportunities for her to develop long-lasting relationships. This was why, during her teens, and when she finally began to get more settled in one place for a sustained period of time, she found it difficult to distant friendships. She was an outsider for most of it. But she was intelligent. She had a perspective — an outlook — on the world that was unattainable for most people her age, and that made her more resilient to things like bullying and maltreatment. She understood where their anger came from, and she never rose to it. 

That behaviour made her quite popular in school quite quickly. 

By the age of twenty, both her parents died in a helicopter crash on their way to a movie premiere that they were starring in. Their careers had changed; no longer were they the conservationists they had worked so hard to become. Instead, they were greedy, and as soon as the biopic movie deals and sponsorships came rolling in, they forgot why they had started in the first place. Marianne didn’t blame them — she loved them too much to blame them for anything — but instead, she blamed their agent. He poisoned their minds and made them fame hungry. Which left Marianne a considerable wealth after they died. She used that money to fund her education at one of the best schools in the world, where she studied science. Cambridge. It wasn’t long before she found herself in the World Health Organisation, working towards a better life for the developing world, raising awareness for the safety and health of the planet, and making millions of lives happier. 

That was her main goal. She wanted people to be happy. And she realised that a happy planet made for happy people. It was just a problem of convincing the rest of the world that she was right and that she was trying to help them — something she quickly learned was difficult to do. 

Marianne wouldn’t change her job for anything. She loves what she does, and she’s happy to be at the top. She’s had some interest from the media and sponsors, but every time she’s refused; she saw what it did to her parents, and she doesn’t want the same to happen to her. She’s happy with the salary she gets — even if it is extremely comfortable — and she even donates some of it to organisations and charities outside of the work that she does. 

In her time at the World Health Organisation, Marianne has worked with many different people. Most importantly, though, she’s worked with Charlie Paxman — a man whom she thought was going to change the world. She trusted and respected him, but he blew that when he tried to make a move on her. He had no right. Even if she did see herself as a mother figure to him, it was unacceptable. 

In a way, she felt sorry for him. He entrusted her with his life’s story. His struggles. His bereavements. He hadn't had an easy life, and he had needed a guiding hand. She was it. But then he had ruined it when he tried to kiss her. 

She was thankful for Benjamin walking in on that day, and she was thankful that Charlie Paxman had been dealt with so quietly and officially; she had her own career to think about, and she could not have his behaviour tarnish it. It would be scandalous, and she was beginning to feel like she was making a change to the world. 


World peace. She’s been working her whole life towards it. And if she can't get world peace, then she’ll settle for a sustainable planet. Climate change and overpopulation is a big concern of hers, and she’d like for the planet to be able to sustain itself long after she's passed. She wants to make a positive impact on the world, and solving the world’s issues — making it better for everyone — is the best way to do that.

One thing she loathes is when people feel entitled. People don't understand that they have to work for what they get. Especially when there are those that are born into wealth and luxurious lifestyles. Some might say that she’s a hypocrite (after all, she was given a large sum of money when her parents died), but she felt like she'd earnt it. She had worked all throughout her childhood and young adulthood, helping people live better lives, and she never received remuneration for that. She thinks that what has happened to her is fair, and she enjoys arguing with people who disagree. 



Favourite food: exotic African dish.

Favourite drink: wine

Favourite book: Nelson Mandela's biography 

Favourite film: 


What was her most embarrassing moment? Being stumbled upon by Benjamin. She will never live it down, so long as she lives. But, worse than that, she feels more embarrassed for the feelings she had for Charlie Paxman. They were sexual.

What’s her greatest strength? Convincing people to do the right thing. I have a power of persuasion over many. I'm good with words — I got that from my parents — and I know what to say when I want to convince people. I have good ideas and I can execute them as well. There's a reason I'm where I am. 

What’s her greatest flaw? I don't know when to stop. I work constantly and I find it hard to switch off. I'm often working late into the night and I sleep little because I stress over work. The world never sleeps, so why should I?

Proudest achievement? Getting to where I am in my life now. The head of one of the most global companies in the world. I don’t do it for the money or fame (of what little there is, if any). Instead, I do it for the power it gives me. All the other things I care about — providing clean water for families in Africa, educating the world on safe sex, and many other things — I can do because of where I am now. This one achievement enables dozens of other achievements. 

Biggest secret… the current feelings she has for Benjamin are almost identical to that of Charlie.


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