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D.O.B: 15.12.2007
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 76lbs
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: blue
Current Occupation: student, primary school
First Seen: Standstill
Books Appeared In: Standstill, Floor 68
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Maisie’s complexion is an amalgamation of both her dad and mum. She shares Elizabeth’s skin tone and eye colour, but Jake’s hair and nose. She looks nothing like her sister, Ellie, even though they were born a few years apart. Maisie is skinny, quite tall — she comes up to Jake’s rib cage — and calm. Freckles adorn her face. In particular, the cheeks and nose, and some of her arms as well.


The first time Elizabeth and Jake told her — or, at least, the first time she remembers — that she was a Little Miracle, was when she was six years old. She came home from school one day, she had just got one of her results from a little maths test she did in class and she was unhappy with the results. After dinner, Elizabeth and Jake sat either side of her and explained that she was very lucky to be alive and that her maths problems now would seem small and insignificant later in life. It was after that moment Maisie began to have a different outlook on life. Even though she's only young, people who meet her are constantly saying she's mature for her age. 

One of her favourite things to do is go to school. She enjoys learning and relishes the opportunity to better herself. The only issue is, now that she's growing older, she has been subject to a few episodes of bullying. Other children in her classes call her geeky and nerdy, all for being intelligent and wanting to do the work. 

Her sister, Ellie, is a big help in dealing with that sort of thing. Ellie is the more playful, dominant and intimidating of the two Tanner children. She was always a lot more boisterous when they were growing up, and Ellie would always best Maisie in whatever play-fights they ever found themselves in. They are, however, inseparable. Despite all the times they argue and shout at one another, Maisie knows deep down that she loves Ellie — and that, most importantly, Ellie loves her. 


She is laid back, easy going, and doesn't like arguments. Often, when she was younger, her and Ellie would bicker over the tiniest of things, but now that she’s matured and grown up, she realises there’s very little point to it. Maisie especially hates it when Jake and Elizabeth argue, even if it is over the small stuff. 

One of her favourite things to do is read. When she's at home, and after she's finished her homework, she reads gruesome stories. Her favourite series is Goosebumps. Sometimes they're so scary she can't sleep at night, but she enjoys being transported to a different world, with different faces, and different names. Her favourite lesson in class is English, because her English teacher is really nice and friendly. Maisie’s second favourite class is geography, because she sits next to Oscar, her first school boyfriend. 




Favourite food: Pie and chips with gravy

Favourite drink: lemonade 

Favourite book: Stay Out Of The Basement 

Favourite film: Madagascar II


What was her most embarrassing moment? One of my most embarrassing moments was when I was in school. It only happened a few weeks ago.​ There's this boy I like in my class, and I passed him a note saying that I wanted to speak to him outside of school. His name’s Oscar. We were working in groups, and so we weren't sitting next to each other on that day. So I wrote the note on a little piece of paper, passed it to one of my friends, Hazel, who I trust loads. And then waited for her to give it to Oscar. As Hazel made her way to Oscar’s table, she dropped the note, and someone else picked it up: Sharon, the girl who likes to torment me. She read the note out loud and made me feel embarrassed. 


What’s her greatest strength? I'm intelligent. At least that's what mum and dad keep telling me. 


What’s her greatest flaw? Mummy says that I'm too kind to people who don't deserve it. 


Proudest achievement? Getting the highest in the class for one of my history tests. 


Biggest secret… Ellie has a boyfriend that mum and dad don't know about. 


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