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felicity haversham

D.O.B: 17.04.2005
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 82lbs
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: blue
Current Occupation: student, primary school
Books Appeared In: An Unlikely Betrayal
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Felicity is just a child. She is small and cute — but she’s one of the tallest in her class, despite being one of the youngest. She shares the same pretty features as her mother. Whenever people look at her and her mum, they can see the connection. But when they put her up against her dad, the same can’t be said. In fact, there has been a lot of confusion and uncertainty as to whether Erica and Felicity are Rupert Haversham’s. However, all uncertainty is thrown to one side as soon as she opens her mouth. Felicity is stubborn, just as her sister and dad. Although, Felicity’s isn’t as forceful and brutal. She can get away with it more because she’s a child, she’s younger, and she has the fortune of being cute on her side. Deep down, though, she is a little diva. She packs a hefty punch, too, despite her being little. In some instances, when Erica has annoyed her, she punches her sister in the arm or on the face. She knows what she’s doing isn’t right, but when Erica stops annoying her, and she realises punching people works, it makes her want to do it more. 


Felicity hasn’t had a hard childhood. In fact, it’s been the exact opposite. She’s always had a nice bedroom, nice bed, nice house, nice car, nice toys, nice television — all the sorts of things a lot of people lust after. But it’s not her fault — it’s what she was born into, and she knows nothing else. Which is why, sometimes, when the family are out in public, she doesn’t realise what she is saying is wrong when she points at a homeless person and asks aloud why he smells. Or, perhaps, why when they’re out and someone’s car is broken down, and she asks why they aren’t driving the latest Mercedes, she doesn’t realise not everyone can afford it. Or when she’s round a friend’s house for an afternoon play date, and their family doesn’t have a nice television, or there are only two bedrooms for five of them. Of course, it’s completely Karen and Rupert’s fault, but she doesn’t realise that. They should have raised her correctly, but they haven’t. They’ve been too busy with their own lives to care. 

Many in her class consider Felicity to be snobby. Her favourite class is English. Closely followed by history. Felicity enjoys writing and reading things. She once had to do a piece of journalism for her homework, and she aced it. She loved it. Even though it was wildly advanced for her age, she’s at the type of school where they do things like that. She’s at the type of school where they try to increase a child’s cognitive development so that the child can get a higher paid job in life, furthering the divide between rich and poor. Felicity’s teachers have got high aspirations for her. 


One of Felicity’s favourite things to do is read books. She loves them. Especially the Goosebumps series. They’re so scary, but also really exciting. She spends a lot of her free time reading, and in particular, when she’s supposed to be going to bed. After her mum and dad have said goodnight, she turns on the small lamp by the side of her bed, and reads. Sometimes she can’t sleep because the book is so scary, but most of the time she can. There isn’t anything she’d rather do more than read — and she one day hopes she of becoming a journalist; one of the other favourite things she likes to read is the news. She likes to keep up with current affairs, and will often read the news online, and watch the news on the television. She gathers multiple opinions on topics and forms her own on the same subject matters. Sometimes, when Rupert is at a case, she will go along and watch and learn and absorb loads of information so that she can use it later on in life — and so that she can argue with him later on about he way he did things. 

Favourite food: sausage and pasta, homemade
Favourite drink:fanta 
Favourite book: everything in the Goosebumps series. 
Favourite film: Elf


What was her most embarrassing moment? It wasn’t embarrassing for me, but it was embarrassing for my teacher. She was talking about grammar one time in class, and I corrected her. She didn’t like it, and so she sent me out. Later, when I went to the headteacher’s office, I explained what happened. The headteacher let me go after that. 


What’s her greatest strength? I can understand long texts. I have a reading age of someone double my age. Reading is my passion. I know a lot of big words, and their meanings — like manifest. 


What’s her greatest flaw? I’m too smart for my own good. At least, that’s what my mum and dad tell me all the time. 


Proudest achievement? My homework that got highest in the school. It was a piece of journalism that we had to do. It was centred around oil spills in the Atlantic ocean. I nearly won an award for it, but it wasn’t that good. 


Biggest secret… I know other people’s secrets. Mummy and daddy’s especially. 


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